Useful Telephoning Phrases

You find it difficult to make phone calls in English?  Here are some typical words and phrases that you can use to make effective telephone calls.

Answering the phone
            • Good morning/afternoon, Brian speaking
            • This is Wafa speaking
            • How can I help you? 
            • Who’s speaking, please?
            • Am I speaking to Tom?
            • Could I have your name please?
            • Could you speak up, please?
            • Who would you like to talk to Sir/Madam?
            • One moment please, I’ll see if Mr Smith is available.

Asking for someone
            • This is Filali from ABC International. Could I speak to Mr Jackson please?
            • Is Mr Tim available/in, please? My name’s Khalid.
            • Hello, this is Andaloussi calling from Morocco.
            • Hello, I’d like to speak to James 
            • Could I speak to someone in the marketing department?
            • Could you put me through to Mr Frank, please?
            • Extension 123, please.

            • I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
            • I cannot hear you very well.
            • You must have dialled the wrong number.
            • I’ve tried to get through several times, but it’s always engaged.
            • The line is busy
            • I’m sorry, there’s no reply from Mr Jones.

Putting someone through
            • I’ll put you through to Mrs Smith.
            • I’ll connect you to Mr Johnson.
            • I’ll put you on the line.

Putting someone on hold
            • Just a moment, please.
            • Hold on, please.
            • Hold the line, please.
            • Can you hold on a moment?

Asking someone to call back
            • Thank you for waiting. I’m afraid Mr Ross is not in at the moment.
            • I’m sorry, Mr Jim is in a meeting.
            • Could you call back later in the day?
            • I’ll ask him to call you back as soon as he’s free.

Taking a message
            • Can I take a message?
            • Would you like to leave a message?
            • Can I give him/her a message?
            • I’ll tell Mr Frank that you called.
            • Shall I ask him to call you back?
            • At what number can you be reached?

Leaving a message
            • Could you give him a message?
            • Could you ask him to call me back, please? My number is …
            • What time do expect him back?

Finishing a phone call
            • Thanks very much for you help.
            • Thanks for calling. Bye for now.

Saying telephone numbers
            Say numbers separately.                              For 66, say double 6.
            Say                                  For 666, say six, double six.

            Pause between groups.                                For 4981 Ext 242, say:
            Say 325….651.                                    –
            Say 89…44…90                                            extension two four two.

            Say oh for 0. It is better
than zero or naught.