TOEIC Tips: Part Two


Questions and Responses:



1. Listen carefully to the question and try to identify what type of question it is. Pay attention to the first Wh-word of the question (who, what, which, where, when, how (how much/many/long/far) .etc.). The response will depend on what type this Wh-word is.

2. Listen for for keywords (nouns/verbs) and focus on meaning to help you find the correct answer choice. Quickly repeat the question mentally so that you can remember it until you hear all the three choices.



1. Direct questions are not often answered with Yes, or No or I don’t know. Look for options that use differentwords to express their meanings.


2. The question and answer are often in different tenses. Do not expect the tense  to be always the same.

♦ Question: Are you going tonight?

♦ Answer:  I will leave tomorrow.


3. Watch out for common distracters

A.   Same word – unrelated meaning

If you hear the sameword in the question and the answer choices, be careful! It  could be a distracter.

♦ Question: Has the sale improved profits?

♦ Answer:  Yes, it is for sale.


B.    Similar sound – different/unrelated word
Sometimes the incorrect choices use words that soundsimilar to the ones in the recording.

♦ Question: Have you met the new staff?

♦ Answer: No, it’s not the same stuff.