Prolancom is a website where you will find courses and resources to help you improve your language and communication skills.  If you’re an ESL or EFL student, you will find useful online English lessons that will enable you to learn or to revise all aspects of English. ESL or EFL teachers can also find interesting resources that they can use for teaching purposes.


Grammar Quizzes

Welcome to our free interactive grammar quizzes section – a good place to practice and improve your knowledge of English grammar.

Grammar Lessons

Learn English grammar online! Free lessons explaining the rules of English grammar. An excellent resource for English learners and teachers.

Oral Presentations will enable you to develop the confidence, the strategies as well as the language skills for making effective oral presentations in academic and professional contexts.

Negotiation Skills

To ensure that your business meetings run smoothly, here is a set of guidelines and useful tips that will enable to hold effective meetings.

Telephone Language

Do you need to make telephone calls in English at work? In this website, we provide you with the techniques and particular language that would help you make effective telephone calls in a business environment.

Online Job Interview

What questions will you be asked in a job interview? Test your skills with our Online Job Interview Test and prepare for the tough job interview questions. Try the Test that will help you rock any job interview.