TOEIC: Tips to Remember


This webpage provides you with  the strategies and tips that you should remember when answering the seven parts of the TOEIC Test.

1. Use the process of elimination when you are not sure about an answer. Try to narrow down the choices to two, if possible, and then make a quick guess.

2. Guessing is allowed.

3. Mark an answer for all the items. Unmarked items are counted wrong.

4. Mark all your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not mark your answers in the test booklet.

5. Mark only one answer for each item. Items with more than one answer marked will be counted wrong, even if one of the answers marked is the correct answer choice.

6. Bring a ruler with you on the day of the examination so that you can locate items easily on the answer sheet. This way you will be sure that you are marking your answer next to the correct item.

7. Do not spend too much time on Part 5 (grammar and vocabulary, 40 items). The less time you spend on this part, the more time you will have for the readings.