This present section provides you with a number of sentences that will help you succeed in the question and answer session of an oral presentation.

Paraphrasing the question
• If I’ve understood your question correctly, you are saying …
• So, what you’re asking is …
• Well, the question is…   Is that right?
• Let me just check that I’ve understood your question. You’re asking …
Getting the questioner to rephrase
• Sorry, I’m not quite with you. Could you repeat that?
• Sorry, I didn’t get your question. Could you repeat it?
• I’m afraid I don’t quite see what you mean.
Postponing an answer
• I’ll be dealing with that a little later on, so if you don’t mind I’d rather answer that question then.
• I’ll be coming to that, so if you don’t mind I won’t answer your question straightaway. But I won’t forget.
Answering questions – by admitting ignorance
• I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that one. Perhaps someone here can help us out?
• I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that question, but what I will do is find out and give you an answer before the end of the week.
Answering questions – by saying you are not the right person to ask
• I’m afraid that’s not my field, but I’m sure Mr … will be able to answer you.
• I’m afraid I don’t have that information, but I can ask our … to send you the details.