The objective of this unit is to give you phrases or sentences that you can use to conclude you oral presentation. Make sure  you can use at least one language item from each section.

Summing up
• So, to sum up, …
• To summarise, …
• To recapitulate/recap, …
• Let me now sum up, ….
• Let me end by saying ….
• I’d like to finish by emphasizing …
• In conclusion, I’d like to say …
Making a recommendation
• So, what I would suggest is that we …
• So, I would recommend that …
• I’ll be distributing the handouts in a few moments.
• The handouts are over by the door.
• Copies of my transparencies/slides are on the table by the door.
• If you have any questions or comments, I’ll be happy to answer them.
• If there are any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.
• Are there any more questions?
• Thank you for your attention/time.
• Thank you for listening.
• Thank you very much.