Present Continuous Tense



[am/is/are + present participle (verb + ing)]



The Present Continuous is used to express:

1. An activity that is happening now.

    • Don’t turn the TV off, I’m watching it.
• You can’t speak to Lisa, she’s having a bath.


 2. An activity that is true now, but not necessarily happening at the moment of speaking.

   • Don’t take that book, Jane is reading it
• She is looking for a new job these days


 3. A temporary activity

   • Peter is a student, but he is working as a waiter during his holidays.
• I am living with friends until I find a place of my own.


 4. A planned future arrangement.

   • I am meeting some friends after work.
• They are moving into their new house next week

 5. An annoying habit (something happens too often and we do not like it)

   • You are always losing your glasses.
• He is constantly missing the plane.