Much and Many

1. We use much with uncountable nouns in questions and negatives.

  • How much money have you got?
  • There isn’t much  cheese left.


2. We use many with countable nouns in questions and negatives.

  • How many people were at the party?
  • I didn’t take many photos on holiday.


 Some and Any

1. Some is used in positive sentences.

  • I’d like some sugar
  • I bought some eggs


2. Any is used in negative sentences and questions.

  • There isn’t any butter in the fridge
  • I didn’t buy any apples.
  • Is there any sugar in this tea?
  • Have you got any brothers and sisters?


3. We use some in questions that are requests or offers.

  • Can I have some cake?
  • Would you like some tea?


4. The rules are the same for the compounds someone, anything, anybody, somewhere, etc.

  • I’ve got something for you.
  • Hello! Is anybody here?
  • There isn’t anywhere to go in my town.


A few and a little

1. We use a few with countable nouns

  • There are a few cigarettes left, but not many.


2. We use a little with uncountable nouns

  • Can you give me a little help?


A lot/lots of

1. We use a lot/lots with both countable and uncountable nouns

  • There is a lot of butter
  • I’ve got lots of friends.


2. A lot/lots of can be used in questions and negatives

  • Are there lots of tourists in your country?
  • There isn’t a lot of butter, but there’s enough.